Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth removal

In many cases, the first oral surgery experience for our patients is wisdom teeth removal. Ideally, this procedure should be performed before patients reach age 25.

In our early human ancestors, the third molars, more commonly known as the wisdom teeth, were essential for chewing and breaking down a much rougher diet than we have today. However, as the years have passed, the wisdom teeth have become unnecessary and jaws have become smaller, leaving little room for them to erupt and causing them to become impacted.

If wisdom teeth are impacted, they must be surgically removed. This is a simple, straightforward procedure conducted in the dentist’s office that often only requires the use of local anesthesia.

Why do I need to have my wisdom teeth removal?

A number of problems can arise when the wisdom teeth are left in place. It’s impossible to keep them clean, so they can collect bacteria that promote periodontal disease and tooth and bone loss. Wisdom teeth also can develop cysts and tumors.

Adult patients with wisdom teeth still intact should have them removed, even if those wisdom teeth are not causing any problems or issues. One of the conditions described above can develop at any time. Furthermore, as the patient gets older, the wisdom teeth’s roots get longer and more entrenched, making their extraction much more challenging.

Timely wisdom teeth removal can prevent the need for further cosmetic dentistry among our patients. If the wisdom teeth erupt partially or even attempt to push through the gums, it can disrupt the alignment of the other teeth. Any orthodontic treatment completed years earlier may have to be redone, or a patient may need to get veneers to realign the teeth.

Any Dorval, Montreal, Laval or Westmount patient with wisdom teeth who is over 17 years old should visit the dentist to discuss and plan for wisdom tooth extraction.

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