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Traditional Orthodontics

At our practice in Montreal, Dr. Chatila provides traditional orthodontic treatments in line with alternative options such as Invisalign. Using traditional braces, we can correct many dental problems, including crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, underbites, overbites, open gaps between teeth, etc.

Misalignment of  teeth is not just an aesthetic concern. It's a problem that can cause uneven wear of the dentition, make it more difficult to properly clean, and can even cause gum issues.

Straight teeth improve the functionality of your dentition, the health of your gums and decrease the risk of cavities (tooth decay) while improving the appearance of your smile.

Various things can cause teeth to be misaligned or the bite to be off. Most of the time , its a genetic issue ( inherited problem ). However, other factors or habits can also have a major influence, such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, etc.

Our clinic offers complete orthodontic treatment using traditional braces (metal or ceramic / white).

We also offer the Invisalign orthodontic treatment, which consists of a series of invisible removable shells that gradually correct the position of the teeth.

More about your traditional orthodontic treatment plan

During your free consultation for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Chatila will examine your occlusion and decide if traditional braces are the option of choice for your case. In most cases, your orthodontist will make plaster models of your teeth and perform full X-rays of the head and mouth. Using all this information, Dr Chatila prepares a custom treatment plan and presents it to you with complete explanations and photos. Following this, once you approve and a financial plan that is confortable for you is established, treatment can be started.

Traditional orthodontics are recommended to correct the following misalignments:

  • Crooked teeth and/or overcrowding - Usually due to lack of space in the jaw to fit all teeth.
  • Underbite - A condition where the lower teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth. Mainly due to the underdevelopment of the upper jaw or the overdevelopment of the lower jaw.
  • Overbite - A condition where the upper teeth abnormally protrude beyond the lower teeth. Mainly due to overdevelopment of the upper jaw.
  • Crossbite - When both upper and lower jaws are misaligned.
  • Open bite - A condition related to abnormal jaw structure where some teeth don't properly contact opposing teeth.

Traditional orthodontic treatments can take between 6 and 24 months or more, depending on the severity of the misalignment and the patients cooperation.

Proper care of teeth with braces

Patients who wear braces must be diligent in ensuring that food particles and other debris do not get trapped in the network of brackets and wires. In addition, brackets can leave stains on enamel if the area surrounding them is not cleaned on a daily basis. It is therefore important to keep brushing your teeth as you would without orthodontic braces. Twice a day is a rule of thumb but after each meal is recommended. Flossing should also be done as before. Patients with orthodontic appliances can benefit from using water picks, which emit small pressurized bursts of water that can effectively rinse away such debris. Certain foods are to be preferably avoided to not damage your orthodontic braces. Such foods include gum, nuts, popcorn, caramel and other hard foods.

Opt for traditional braces, which are known to be the most cost-effective way to correct misaligned teeth. Contact our dental practice to see if traditional braces are the best solution for your particular case.


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This is by far the best dental clinic we have ever been to. The care and treatment are excellent, everyone is so courteous and kind that it feels more like visiting family or friends when we come here. We've had everything from cleaning to fillings all the way up to skin grafts and braces. We can't stress enough how well we have been treated here for years. Thank you!

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