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Dental Implants Montreal

Representing a significant advance in dental technology, implant dentistry offers patients a tooth replacement option accompanied by durability, stability and attractiveness.

Traditional Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium screw-like structures that replace the roots of missing teeth. The titanium allows dental implants to fuse with the jawbone, resulting in an artificial tooth that lasts for decades.

Dental implants patients benefit from advantages in form and function that are unmatched by other tooth replacement methods. Dental implants not only secure the artificial replacement tooth, they also prevent the jaw bone from eroding, which happens when the teeth’s roots are no longer in place to act as anchors.

Dental implants can be used either to replace individual teeth or as anchors to allow a complete upper or lower denture to be tightly secured to the jawbone, thus eliminating loose-fitting dentures.

Dental implants have minimal impact on patients’ diets or speech. Patients can continue to eat nearly all of their favorite foods, and there’s no worry that a denture will slip out of place while a person is talking with dental implants.


Another type of dental implant that appeals to many patients is the mini-implant, which is smaller in diameter than the standard dental implant. The surgery for the smaller implant is less invasive, and patients with more advanced bone loss can still be eligible.

Mini implants are more specifically used to help secure complete or partial dentures much more tightly. They allow the patient to snap the denture into place and thus the prosthetic teeth feel much more secure, so one is able to eat virtually anything without the feeling of loose or ill-fitting dentures.

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Because they are smaller in diameter and can successfully integrate when less bone is present, mini-implants offer an excellent and economical method to secure dentures in patients who want to avoid embarrassing slip-ups.

Your dentist in Montreal can place dental implants and mini-implants in a simple procedure right in the office. You won’t need to visit a surgical facility to get dental implants, and you can be fitted with a temporary crown or arch of artificial teeth that same day.

After you have healed from the implant surgery, you will get a stronger, permanent artificial tooth or teeth.

If you are interested in dental implants or mini-implants in Montreal or any of the other communities we serve like Dorval, Laval and Westmount, please schedule an appointment with our office to learn more about the process.

Please see our FAQ section for some common questions about implants.

Our dentists are certified by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and have followed extensive courses and training at the Misch Implant Institute to provide quality and reliable dental implant services.


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