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Tooth Extraction Aftercare: Minimizing Your Discomfort

If you have a decayed or damaged tooth, your Montreal dentist will do everything possible to preserve the tooth. However, in some cases, a tooth extraction will be necessary. If you need to have a tooth removed, following your instructions for aftercare can greatly reduce your discomfort…
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How to Relieve Toothaches ?

How to Relieve Toothaches ? Simple toothaches can often be relieved by rinsing the mouth to clear it of debris and other matter. Sometimes, a toothache can be caused or aggravated by a piece of debris lodged between the tooth and another tooth. Avoid placing…
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Cavities and Tooth Decay

What Is Tooth Decay? Tooth decay is caused by a variety of things; in medical terms, cavities are called caries, which are caused by long-term destructive forces acting on tooth structures such as enamel and the tooth's inner dentin material. These destructive forces include frequent…
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