What protection does a mouth guard provide ?

Dental mouth guards to protect your teeth

Breaking one or more teeth, losing one or more teeth, excessive bleeding in the mouth following some type of trauma, extreme pain or sudden swelling are all conditions that would fall into the dental emergency classification.

Accidents occur resulting in a dental emergency and require the need to see the dentist and while a mouth guard may not be able to prevent the “accident” from occurring, it can help limit the risk of mouth related injuries to your lips, tongue and teeth.

Schools and organized sports leagues will often mandate the use of some type of mouth guard in order to participate. Contact sports like football, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey are a few activities where mouth injuries occur. But there are many other activities where wearing a mouth guard might offer additional protection to prevent accidentally biting your tongue or the soft tissues of the mouth or suffering some other type of dental injury during participation.

What type of protection is gained by using a mouth guard ?

First of all, a proper fit is essential. If the mouth guard is ill fitting, chances are the participant will not wear it. So having one and wearing it are obviously not the same.

Seeing your dentist will guarantee a proper fit. Buying a one size fits all that you are supposed to be able to customize to your own needs will not provide the same comfort and fit as one fabricated by our dentist. Depending on need, there are many materials and designs available through your dental provider.

Once you have a properly fitted and designed mouth guard, your teeth are protected from being broken or dislodged; your jaw has additional support which can prevent concussion or other head injuries; the soft tissues in your cheeks or even your tongue are protected from accidental bites you may inflict on yourself; and your gum tissue is guarded as well.

The investment made in a professionally fitted mouth guard can easily offset the costs you may incur due to some type of mouth injury. Not to mention the time required for dental corrections and the personal anguish you experience knowing an injury may have been prevented.

Call our practice in Montreal to request a consultation and learn more about the advantages of its use and have a mouth guard made for the sports person in your family.

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