Benefits of wisdom tooth removal

Some patients may question a recommendation that they have their wisdom teeth removed, especially when those teeth aren’t causing any discomfort. Unfortunately, the wisdom teeth are highly likely to become impacted, and when they do, they can create a host of issues that can impact your oral health. Having them removed proactively can have a number of benefits. 

When the wisdom teeth fail to erupt properly—as they often do in our relatively small modern human jaws—they can be more susceptible to infection. It’s tremendously difficult to keep the rearmost portion of the jaw clean in the best circumstances, let alone when a partially impacted tooth continues to try to erupt through the gums. These bacteria that collect around this area can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Impacted wisdom teeth may also develop abscesses, increasing the potential that those bacteria could access the bloodstream and spread throughout the rest of the body. 

Additionally, when an oral surgeon removes impacted wisdom teeth, it eliminates the possibility that they will damage neighboring teeth or push the smile out of alignment as they continue to attempt to come in.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to wait for symptoms to emerge before pursuing wisdom tooth removal. Our oral surgeon can examine a patient’s jaw and review x-rays to determine the likelihood that the wisdom teeth will be impacted when patients are in their early teen years. 

It’s best to have the wisdom tooth removal (extraction) procedure before age 25, when the wisdom teeth can be removed more easily.

Of course, wisdom tooth extraction does typically require a surgical procedure, which entails some risks, as do all surgeries. Discuss these considerations thoroughly with our surgeon so that you can make a truly informed decision about whether to have your wisdom teeth removed. 

Patients who choose wisdom tooth extraction can gain a number of benefits from the procedure. We encourage to speak with one of our experienced team members about this treatment to learn more about how it can protect your oral health.

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