Gingivitis and your overall health

Your body is an intricately designed machine. All of the structures of the body are interconnected and work together for the good of your overall health. By design, when any part of the body is unable to function properly, your immune system uses a series of warning signs, or red flags, to bring your attention to the problem. These warning signs typically begin in a small area, but can progressively affect your general health if left unaddressed.

Your teeth, gums, and all of the related structures in the mouth are also part of your body. When these areas are neglected or become unhealthy, it is important to pay close attention to the warning signs. Failure to observe these red flags can lead to discomfort and damage within the mouth, and eventual damage to your overall health.

Your dentist should be regarded as a primary resource in protecting your dental health. As an experienced professional, your dentist can teach you to identify the warning signs that signal a decline in your dental health. Once you have learned to identify the signals, you can work together with your dentist to address the problem and prevent irreversible damage.

Gingivitis, or inflammation of the gum tissue, is typically the first sign of dental disease. When bacterial toxins are not removed from the teeth and gums regularly, your body’s inflammatory response is triggered. You may notice:

– increased bleeding during brushing and flossing

– swollen or puffy gums

– tenderness

– frequent bad taste or bad smell

When these symptoms are identified and addressed early, they can be reversed and the mouth returns to health. Unfortunately, when these symptoms are allowed to progress unnoticed, the consequences can become severe.

Unaddressed gingivitis generally progresses to periodontal disease or gum disease. This disease is identified by irreversible bone loss, eventual tooth loss, and chronic inflammation. Studies have shown this disease to be linked to widespread cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even premature childbirth.

If you have noticed the signs of gingivitis, or are unsure about the status of your dental health, speak with our Montreal dental team today. Contact us today to schedule an examination and learn how to prevent gingivitis and protect your overall health.

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