Is it worth replacing missing teeth with implants ?

Dental implants are an investment in your long-term health. Not only is your oral health affected by implants, but your overall health is adversely affected if you do not have your missing teeth replaced. In the long run, implants give you the best possible option to maintain your health, your remaining teeth, and your appearance.

Long-Term Effects of Missing Teeth

Even one missing tooth can lead to long-term problems. These problems are more than just cosmetic, and can affect your health, your quality of life, and your self-confidence. Having your teeth replaced with dental implants is the best way to prevent these long-term, detrimental effects. Some of the issues that could develop include:

  • Premature wear, leading to cracked, chipped, or worn-down teeth
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder
  • Malocclusion
  • Persistent headaches or earaches
  • Atrophy of the jawbone

Having your missing tooth or teeth replaced right away can prevent these problems. With dental implants, your teeth will remain in proper alignment, your jawbone will remain healthy, and you will maintain your smile.

Another problem that can be associated with tooth loss is difficulty eating healthy, nutritious foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, which hold high concentrations of important nutrients, are also difficult to chew. People with several missing teeth tend to eat foods that are easier to chew, and so miss out on these highly nutritious options. Over time, this can be detrimental to your overall health.

Consequences of missing teeth


Choosing Dental Implants

If you think implants might be a good choice to replace your missing teeth, you should talk to our dental team. Together, we can discuss your eligibility for the implant procedure. There are several factors that can make it more difficult for you to heal successfully once implants are placed. Our oral surgeon will prefer that you are a non-smoker, in good general health, and not suffering from a systemic problem like diabetes or an autoimmune deficiency disorder. She will also evaluate your jawbone to be sure it will support dental implants. If you are a good candidate for dental implants, you will be well on your way to a restored permanent smile.

Also read our article on How to prepare for implant surgery? to learn some things you can do to prepare so you are more likely to have a successful and comfortable experience.


All members of our the team at our dental clinic in Montreal, is certified members of the ICOI (International Congress of Implantologists) and have followed extensive training at the Misch International Implant Institute. You can therefore trust the quality of care ensured by our team of dental professionals.

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