Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations and How They Work

If you look in the mirror and you see things about your smile that you would like to improve, you are not alone. Many people in Dorval, QC are thinking the same thing. Currently, you have more options to improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry than ever before.

Discover the options that are right for you.

Everyone has different needs when seeking cosmetic work for their teeth. So the first part of the consultation will be a discussion of what your expectations are for the work to be done. Your doctor at Clinique Dentaire Dorval will give you an overview of what is possible and let you know in general terms the cost of the treatment options.

Getting more information.

If you choose to work with our dentist office in Dorval, the next step is examining your teeth. This includes getting x-rays, taking pictures and thoroughly checking dental work done previously. We may make molds of your teeth and gums for future reference.

New technology allows the doctor to view your teeth one at a time and show them on a computer screen. You can both discuss the problems and treatment options for each individual tooth.

You get to ask questions too.

The consultation is the time to ask questions of the doctor. Questions like:

  • How long is recovery?
  • How long will the results will last?
  • Are there any special care instructions?
  • How many follow up visits are needed?

With cosmetic dentistry the results are permanent. The consultation is the time to get all of your questions answered. If there is something you don’t understand about the procedure, now is when to find out. There is no going back once the work is done.

We have been helping people make these kinds of decisions for a long time. We are sure we can help you too. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Montreal, give us a call or request a consultation online.

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