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Dental Implants: Smile with confidence

Dental implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth, whether you’ve lost only one tooth or many. Implants give you a new smile that looks and feels completely natural. Implants and How They Work Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that replaces…
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Financing cosmetic dentistry

Financing cosmetic dentistry is a subject that causes many people who would like to benefit from cosmetic treatments to be deterred by the perceived cost. If you’d like to revitalize your smile but are concerned about the expense, there are many ways you can finance your…
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Causes of discolouration and dulling of teeth

Tooth discolouration is one of the most common reasons why people visit a cosmetic dentist. Over time, exposure to food, beverages, and other staining agents encountered in everyday life can dull the shine and whiteness of your teeth. A simple whitening treatment, though, can return your…
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Improve the look of healthy teeth with dental bonding

A smile makeover can be achieved through many avenues. For every budget, time frame, and dental need, your cosmetic dentist has a solution that will provide many options. Dental bonding is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures that provide a visible improvement in the look…
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What is a smile makeover?

So what are some of the options a cosmetic dentist can offer to give you a beautiful smile ? Each day, more patients are learning to appreciate the value a beautiful smile. In addition to teeth whitening or dental bonding, patients are choosing to address multiple…
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What are Mini Dental Implants

For people with cracked or missing teeth, dental implants from Dorval dentist Hana Chatila at Dorval Dental Clinic have always been an excellent option. Now, however, and even better alternative to dental implants exists: mini dental implants. Mini dental implants offer patients all the benefits…
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