About Dorval Dental Clinic

Who we are

All our professionals maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing continuing  education to stay abreast of the latest trends in dentistry and ultimately to improve the quality of care we deliver. With over 25 years of experience our cosmetic and general dentists provide a full range of quality dental services.
To enhance our facilities, our practice continues to follow the latest technologies to offer better services in cosmetic and general dentistry. Thus improving overall patient experience and ensuring exceptional dentistry in a welcoming environment.
We  moved towards digital radiography which  provides high resolution images while exposing patients to a fraction of the radiation associated with traditional radiography.

INTRAORAL CAMERAS  were added and are routinely used during hygiene and treatment visits as well . These  provide quality and detailed  images of the inner mouth, helping shape treatment, and allowing patients to see what we see and hence be involved in the decision making process regarding their treatment.

We have also included a SOFT TISSUE DIODE LASER that allows us to perform gum surgery with minimal pain, no bleeding and a faster recovery time than conventional surgical methods.

In addition to the new technology, our practice features a number of other amenities. Ample free parking is available to our patients  at the rear of the building .  We also offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate patients who are unable to come to visit their cosmetic and family dentist during regular business hours.

Why choose us

We provide high quality dental care.At Dorval Dental Clinic, we use the latest technologies  to treat our patients.  We take advantage of continuing education opportunities that help keep us updated on the latest  advances in the field of dentistry that can improve the quality of care that we deliver, helping patients achieve their smile goals. With extensive experience in cosmetic and general dentistry, our dentists ensure you receive the highest quality of dental care.
We work with most insurance providers.Many patients are not aware that group plans are not designed to meet individual health needs, and that coverage is strictly determined by your plan purchaser (employer) and the insurance company. Our highly knowledgable staff will assist you in getting pre-authorizations to estimate what will be covered before treatment starts. Read more about dental insurance for cosmetic and general dentistry here.
Flexible payment options.We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Interac. We also offer flexible financial payment plans as well when needed. Please see our Financial Coordinator for details about financing cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry procedures. We are happy to file insurance for your reimbursement as long as you are free to choose your own dentist.


Clinique Dentaire Dorval has implemented a number of green initiatives to reduce its impact on the environment. These include:

  • Digital x-rays – this reduces radiation to our patients by 75 to 90%. It also means no developing chemicals, which are harmful to the environment.
  • Steam-based instrument sterilization contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of mercury, which prevents pollution of our water system.
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Our office is cleaned using gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • We recycle! -bottles, cans, paper, shipping boxes, etc.

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